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Alternative investments have emerged as a crucial component for diversified portfolios. However, managing alts can be challenging due to their complex nature, unstructured data and prolonged reporting cycle.

We've developed a comprehensive approach to simplifying alternative investments, enabling investors to navigate the forest of investment opportunities with clarity and confidence.

Join this session to learn how you can successfully scale your alternatives business by leveraging SimCorp's innovative alternatives offer. We’ll share examples to show how this has already been achieved by your peers using SimCorp Dimension.

Axioma products are now part of SimCorp. Learn how they are integrated into SimCorp Dimension.

AXIOMA PORTFOLIO OPTIMIZER supports a wide range of investment management approaches, from quantitative to fundamental. Learn how this market-leading optimizer can be used for a wide-range of real-world challenges, from building alternative strategies to optimizing for tax-aware portfolios.

AXIOMA RISK is an award-winning multi-asset and cloud-native enterprise risk platform. Learn how AXIOMA RISK is integrated with SimCorp API-to-API to power consistent portfolio analytics, full-revaluation risk and stress testing, and cloud-native design can enable massive scale and speed in analytic calculations.

Join us for a panel discussion as our clients share their transformative experiences, unveiling the keys to project success. From achieving front-to-back rollouts in record time to impeccable timeline and budget management, and adeptly navigating complexity.

Be part of this engaging session and discover firsthand how we successfully deliver projects.

Don't miss your chance to be inspired by your peers as you contemplate your next strategic move.

Join us for an enlightening presentation featuring Gaurav Jangid from Alpha FMC, as he delves into the dynamic landscape of Gen AI market trends. Discover why companies across our industry are racing to harness the power of Gen AI and how this emerging technology is reshaping the business landscape. Gain deep understanding of market trends, explore compelling use cases, and uncover targeted strategies for success.

In addition, witness first hand the transformative journey of data discoverability within SimCorp. From static representations such as siloed data sources and data warehouses to decision-empowering environments, we're revolutionizing data insights with our innovative approach.

Whether you are just considering SaaS, on your way or already in SaaS, we can help you solve system operations challenges such as onboarding faster new business requirements, benefiting from a stable investment platform, increasing pace of adoption for new releases and improving employee satisfaction, all together with bringing the cost to income ratio down.

Our services leverage technology and standards to deliver comprehensive set of functional application management and support duties.

Join this session to learn how we can help you upgrade faster and with less effort, deploy and document new configuration almost automatically and resolve swiftly any incident that arises within your investment management solution and its integration layer.

Data demand has been exploding in recent years, with more teams asking for more data with one goal in mind: differentiate.
This has lead organizations to feel both an increase in costs to run data architectures, but also frustration at not getting the right data soon enough.

Integrating data in your investment management workflow to fulfil demand for agility and efficiency is a worthy challenge, empowering your organization to stay ahead in the fast-paced landscape of financial investments.

Join us and find out how we are streamlining the entire data acquisition framework into SimCorp Dimension, both in terms of our technological response and data vendor relationships.

Are you tired of the never-ending burden of managing operations? From diverting your attention from core competencies to navigating staff attrition and training, and grappling with unforeseeable costs – you would be right in thinking “there must be a better way.”

SimCorp's Investment Operations Service empowers you to completely outsource operations across all asset classes and multiple jurisdictions. Reclaim 100% focus for what truly matters: your core business, expansion into new asset classes or jurisdictions, and the optimization of your balance sheet.

Participate in this session to discover how you can enhance the efficiency of your operations business through the utilization of SimCorp's Investment Operations Service.

Conducting business across numerous jurisdictions can pose challenges to even the most experienced investors. Navigating the complexity of multiple accounting regimes drives costs upwards and erodes your bottom-line.

SimCorp’s Investment Accounting Services provide reporting and insights for all asset classes across multiple jurisdictions, with meticulous data accuracy, security, and privacy. Our team of accountants are empowered by Standard Platform, a ""Big 4""-vetted solution leveraging SimCorp’s decades of experience within financial accounting.

Join this session to learn how our clients optimize their business models by engaging SimCorp’s Investment Accounting Services. We will show examples of how this has been achieved and discuss our vision for the future.

Step into the future of portfolio management. Picture an application that not only consolidates all of your exposures and key analytics across traditional and alternative assets but also to makes proactive suggestions to resolve market challenges. The Axioma portfolio optimizer will power the next generation user experience, and ensure that your portfolio is always optimal.

Join this session if you are an active, passive, systematic or quantitative investment manager to learn how we could help improve your daily productivity.

The SimCorp SaaS Platform will help you scale your business by removing blockers for technology adoption while providing the innovation required to support ever-changing business requirements.

The SimCorp SaaS Platform already serves more than 80 clients globally using a robust and reliable architecture supporting today's demand for high availability, security, compliance and fast recovery.

Learn how a single vendor approach can provide you with a predictable business model allowing you to focus your efforts on creating business value while enjoying access to skilled resources and the broad SimCorp ecosystem.

Experience the future of finance today! Generative AI, a groundbreaking technology that has captivated the market over the past year, is rapidly reshaping the landscape of portfolio management. As this interest surges, SimCorp is at the forefront with our cutting-edge Portfolio Manager Copilot prototypes - a cornerstone of our next-generation application suite.

Discover how SimCorp's Portfolio Manager Copilot can transform your portfolio management, offering enhanced decision-making capabilities, unmatched efficiency, and deep insights into market trends. Learn how this innovative tool seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, delivering real-time analytics to elevate your investment strategies.

Investment Analytics Platform for Performance makes it possible to calculate performance figures in real time rather than having batch jobs pre-calculate data overnight.

Join the session to learn how to empower users to get tailored analytical insights by choosing country, sector, or any other roll-up categories on-the-fly and how to integrate the solution into reporting workflows. Utilize the power of cloud compute and remove obstacles of rigid operational processes and costs associated with ever-growing storage of performance data.

We will share examples of how your peers have worked with adopting the service.

Are you a business leader that feels limited by your current platform? Are you a platform owner that requires more tools to manage the complexity of your operating model? You are not alone. The dynamics of the industry are changing fast and legacy setups are becoming costly.

SimCorp’s Value Management can help you to cut through the noise and enables leaders like yourself to define a set of value-adding transformation initiatives to create sustainable platform development and measurable progress of your business.

Join this session to hear about a case study where we helped a client review their value chain, identify quick wins and embark on an efficient and focused transformation journey.

You wouldn't send a regulatory report to an investor, so why is all reporting lumped together? Reporting isn't the same for everyone - there are varied needs for different departments and stakeholders across clients, regulators, management and operations teams.

You need to have the right technology or service to deliver a positive experience for the creators and consumers of the report. Getting this wrong can have costly impacts, including fines, loss of revenue and missed opportunities.

Join this session to explore how you can capitalize on SimCorp's varied reporting technologies driven by the same data to ensure the right reporting lands with the correct stakeholders to improve efficiency, mitigate risk and increase revenue potential.

SimCorp core strategy is to deliver modern and secure technology solutions, which will also support SimCorp in delivering best in class SaaS delivery quality and cost.

In 2023, SimCorp outlined the plans for the architecture modernization of SimCorp Dimension, including experiments to deliver SimCorp Dimension via a web user interface, improving system ergonomics and user experience.

Come to this session to understand SimCorp's progress and rollout plans for this key modernization initiative. The session will also provide insights into deliveries and plans on API frameworks and ongoing experiments for total cost of ownership reduction.

After the session head over to the booth to try it for yourself!

Join this session if you are using Asset Manager and are familiar with its role within the front office decision-making process of your business. You will hear about the latest functional advancements that unveil workflow efficiencies, enhanced user experience, and elevated data quality. See examples of how you can use the solution to automate your workflows, create more transparency in your investments, and reduce time on manual workflows.

Learn about our new Strategy Tagging solution and system performance improvements delivered in 2023.

Finally, get an insight into the future outcome-driven roadmap as well as our offer strategy for portfolio analysis.

Join this session if you are trading any class of derivative product and would like to learn how the industry is evolving and how it will affect your business. This session will focus on how priorities are changing across organizations, as well as the next major event the industry is moving towards.

Learn about how we are introducing new workflows to enable pure exception based models, how improvements in this space enrich the front office experience, and what is next in our plans with regard to financing and tokenization.

Finally, receive an update on additional items in our roadmap such as user interface, onboarding and reconciliations.

Join this session if you are already using the Compliance Manager and would like an update on the recent developments and our plans for future versions.

Learn how our ecosystem has been strengthened through the advent of new APIs, how system performance and operational efficiency continues to be a focal point, and how testing draft rules in pre-trade mode reduces operational risk.

In addition, discover how the short to medium-term future product strategy is taking shape across product and services.

Join us for a session showcasing enhancements to our Cloud Data Warehouse on Snowflake. Discover how we've extended capabilities, fostering a seamless data ecosystem.

Explore the latest features elevating performance, scalability, and flexibility.

Witness the synergy with Investment Analytics Service for performance, optimizing system efficiency for easier interoperability of performance data. Hear first hand accounts from our expanding client base, showcasing real-world success stories.

Dive into innovations surrounding our data pipeline, redefining how organizations manage and move their data. Learn about enhanced integrations with embedded Business Intelligence tools, offering a cohesive analytics experience.

Our ESG solutions have quickly been adopted by many of our clients. If you're interested in discovering what you can achieve with recent and upcoming developments, we invite you to join the session.

ESG regulations in the EU bring new responsibilities each year. Take a look at our recent progress in our EU regulatory portfolio and understand how our EBOR (ESG Book of Record) can turn ESG regulations into a valuable advantage for you.

Lastly, explore how we're enhancing EBOR with a new powerful engine that enables dramatically faster calculations and supports larger workloads.

Join this session if you are already using our Investment Accounting solutions and would like to learn how you can increase your straight through processing rate and lower your cost of ownership.

See how our comprehensive coverage for asset classes, jurisdictions and reporting has been leveraged to create a standard platform and how you can benefit from best practices and pre-configurations. Standard platform powers SimCorp’s Investment Accounting Services and is also available to all our clients, regardless of implementation model.

Finally, learn how Standard Platform can enable your change management processes, help you deploy new projects more efficiently and access your analytics insights faster.

The demand for operations to enhance efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs has never been more pronounced. Amid ongoing market changes and regulations, operations must ensure continuous automation, standardization and interoperability in order to be prepared for growth.

This session invites you to explore how SimCorp's solutions pave the way for T+1 readiness and how settlement teams can become even more efficient in the future.

Discover how our new corporate actions election UI not only mitigates risks but also streamlines the election process, allowing portfolio managers to achieve seamless automation through our cutting-edge web front end.

Join this session if you are already using the Order Manager and would like to learn about the benefits that our recent developments could bring to your organization.

During the session, you will learn about a series of new workflows and usability improvements within Order Manager, and hear about how our clients have been taking advantage of the latest developments in the system to deliver an improved experience for traders.

You will also gain further insights into our product strategy around Order Management and the new cloud based UI, and on the roadmap for upcoming versions.

Join this session if you already use SimCorp Dimension for OTC contract entry, lifecycle management and valuation, and would like to learn recent improvements and future developments.

Learn how the OTC contract object is developed, with platform-wide consumption for models to drive richer automation, efficiency and STP. This new model defines the future for OTC from front-to-back, enabling simplified, integrated usage. You’ll see the new OTC models added to the portfolio, including new supporting valuation models.

Finally, understand the drive to enable standards for OTC, through FpML mapping and the move to adapt the SIM for easier deployment.

This innovative service is the inaugural offering under SimCorp’s Investment Analytics Platform, providing investors with the capability to swiftly calculate performance attribution in real-time and on the fly.

Historically, calculating performance attribution figures has been an operationally heavy and time-consuming process. In effect, portfolio managers previously had to wait until well into the trading hours to obtain reliable performance metrics. However, advancements in cloud computing are changing this situation, enabling accurate and reliable performance measurement from the moment they start working in the morning.

Join this session to learn all about the next generation Performance Attribution.

Join this session if you are trading derivatives within Europe and are impacted by the mandatory regulatory changes taking place, as per the EMIR Refit standards, in April 2024, and the UK Refit standards in September 2024.

Learn about the industry changes taking effect, and how the workflow has been streamlined to ensure users have an exception-based framework.

Finally, receive an update on our future roadmap around regulatory changes impacting our current offers, and new developments to reporting capabilities.

Join this session to learn about the risk, forecasting and valuation solutions.

If you are already using one or more of the valuation, risk and Strategy Manager solutions, you will learn about the recent developments and our roadmap.

This includes integrations to Axioma Risk, Yield Book and MSCI as well as Solvency, long-term forecasts etc. You will also hear about the ambitious cloud analytics platform roadmap and see a demo of the added analysis capabilities.

Be updated on our quest for best practice standards across all assets and how you can benefit from this.

There will also be a short introduction to our risk and valuation solutions.

Join this session for a deep dive on the self-service portal capabilities and get caught up on the SaaS Platform roadmap for the next five quarters. The session will be a live demo. You do not need to be a SaaS Platform client to join this session, it's for anyone who is interested in a sneak-peek look into the future.

Whether you are already benefitting from our Alternative Investments Offer or are simply curious, join this session to get an understanding of how we're pushing the technological envelope for the management of alternative asset classes.

Learn how our Alternatives Strategy module integrates commitment pacing, risk & liquidity management, and stress testing to grant a Total Portfolio view.

Furthermore, we'll explain how our Private Debt Development Partnership and expanding capabilities in Intelligent Document Processing are driving operational efficiency for Alternatives.

Finally, gain insight into our evolving frontier, for delivering on the cross-asset front-to-back vision of SimCorp Dimension, with an update on our Offer Roadmap.

Unlocking operational excellence and enabling your business to grow and scale in the financial industry relies on harnessing the necessary data. However acquiring the data, aligning to standards across a diverse ecosystem of custodians, brokers, fund administrators and third-party financial platforms can be a significant challenge in terms of both cost and time.

Whether you're seeking enhanced data feeds from major custodians or navigating the complexities of transitioning to a SaaS deployment, this session is for you. We will delve into real-world use cases showcasing operational efficiencies, discuss the entities SimCorp has successfully integrated, outline the roadmap ahead, and more.

Join us for a session focused on how the use of SimCorp's integrated reconciliations delivers a best of breed approach for Investment Managers.

Learn about SimCorp's standardized reconciliations functionality, delivering an integrated operational control framework. This framework builds confidence in your Investment Book of Record (IBOR) for informed decision-making, ensures accuracy in reporting and facilitates the quick identification and resolution of operational exceptions.

Finally get an update on the roadmap for advancing reconciliations to the next level of oversight and automation. Learn how SimCorp is actively shaping the future of reconciliations to enhance efficiency and accuracy within the realm of investment management.

Join this session if you are using SimCorp Client Communications, including Client Reporting, Digital Engagement Platform and the Client Reporting Service and are interested in how you can make the most of recent enhancements and what’s coming next.

You’ll learn about industry trends affecting client communications, how we’re transforming implementations, exciting and innovative product updates, and the future roadmap.

There will be ample opportunity to engage with the Client Communications leadership teams and your peers.

Join this session if you are already using any of the SimCorp Data Management Modules - both in the cloud and on-premise - or are a client of SimCorp Data Management Services and would like learn what you can achieve with recent developments and our plans for future versions.

Learn about you can make your day-to-day operations easier and more efficient with our latest cloud features as well as an update from one of our data partners.

The session also includes AI/ML use cases and focus groups on data management, services and corporate actions.

Central Banks have had to steer a course through multiple market geopolitical scenarios in the past several years. Hear how our clients have managed their reserves and sovereign funds through a pandemic, multiple conflicts and the sudden rise of inflation.

In today’s challenging macro-economic environment of persistent inflation, restrictive monetary policy, and fluctuating commodity prices, it is increasingly important to be able to evaluate how a portfolio is likely to behave under various scenarios. Add the complexity of multi-asset portfolio construction and you need a sophisticated process for empowering investment decisions.

Join Melissa Brown & Christoph Schon who will tie various economic events and market behavior together and generate unique insights into risk trends through portfolio stress testing. Bring your questions for the Q&A round.

Within the insurance and pension industry, the age-old debate of insourcing and outsourcing is rearing its head again. The new InvestOps report revealed that 60% of respondents are focusing on core activities by outsourcing standardized tasks to enable growth in 2024. While the discussion on outsourcing is a cyclical one, traditional outsourcing poses challenges. Can tech-enabled services, where you retain control over your technology and data, move the needle?

Join this session to hear firsthand from industry peers who have embraced insourcing or outsourcing for accounting and reporting purposes. Gain valuable insights into their chosen operating models, weighing the pros and cons of each approach.

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