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When you’re not attending a session, you’ll want to grab a cup of coffee and stroll the marketplace. This is where you’ll find specialists ready to show you the latest solutions and answer your questions.

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    Want professional consulting without the price tag? Visit the demo stands for face time with a SimCorp specialist to discuss your business goals.

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    There’s a wealth of third-party integrations available through our open platform. Visit our partner demo stands to learn what they have to offer.

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Gala Night – A London Evening of Elegance

After a long day of learning it’s time for some celebration. The party offers a chance to get to know your fellow attendees while enjoying fine local cuisine in an impressive atmosphere. The Gala Night is included in your registration fee.

Wednesday, April 17th, 6:30 PM – 12:30 AM

Dress code – Creative Black Tie
Creative black tie is a modern interpretation of the classic black-tie dress code.

For men, this can be a suit, dinner jacket or tuxedo in a bold color or complemented by a unique accessory.

For women, this can be a long evening gown or cocktail dress in an elegant print, rich texture, or glittering fabric.

Cocktail reception

Day 2 is done and it’s time to connect with your fellow attendees over a drink and light bite. Meet new contacts, catch up with old colleagues or simply take in the view of London before dinner.

Thursday, April 18th, 4:30 – 6:30 PM

Morning run

Start your day with an energizing 4 or 8 km run hosted by the SimCorp Running Club. We’ll take a brisk pace in the city followed by some light refreshments.

Thursday, April 18th, 7 – 7:45 AM

All fitness levels are welcome to join the run. The first plenary session starts at 9 AM.

Demo stands

Explore our solutions for alternatives and learn how they make your day-to-day processing simpler, more effective and increase transparency.

Come to our demo stand to learn about our Alternatives STRAtegy solution to process unstructured data withthe use of intelligent document processing.

  • Thomas Granholt Højgaard
    Value Advisory Principal

Explore our modernized architecture and how this will change the user experience and runtime execution.

Visit our demo stand to see how SimCorp Dimension will look and work in a web browser and learn the changes in operationalization.

  • Casper Walløe
    Lead Product Owner

Discover Axioma Portfolio Optimizer, the industry's leading portfolio construction solution.

Visit our demo stand to learn how portfolio and risk managers can research and develop strategies and scenarios using straightforward financial language, and then scale customized decision support into production rebalancing.

  • Duncan Coutts
    Product Specialist, Principal at Qontigo

Enhance your risk management with advanced models and Axioma Risk, our multi asset class, cloud-native risk solution.
Preview the next-gen risk solution in our Investment Analytics Service. Explore Solvency 2 and Investment Forecasting for comprehensive insights into future balances, P/L, cash flows, and more.

  • Kateryna Shurubura
    Lead Product Owner
  • Oksana Kyrylenko
    Lead Product Owner
  • Jean-Baptiste Solanet
    Presales Principal

Realize your client engagement strategy with SimCorp Client Communications.

• Improve client experience through digital communication and analytics
• Reduce inconsistencies via data validation processes
• Improve workflow and eliminate unnecessary effort with a unified system

  • Andrew Lee
    Value Advisory Principal

Explore automated bilateral OTC and ETD workflows in Margin Manager. Visit our demo stand to see how collateral optimization will help to generate alpha for your organization, improve margin calls process and reduce counterparty risk.

  • Svitlana Yemelianova
    Lead Product Owner

We’ve taken the pain out of compliance monitoring. With an adaptable and intuitive interface, as well as automated updates, you can be sure that you have everything you need to be compliant at your fingertips.

In our demo stand, we will be showcasing the latest developments and features added to the Compliance Manager.

  • Julia Caceres
    Value Advisory Consultant

Visit our demo stand to learn how Continuous Deployment can enable you to consume upgrades, configuration changes at a competitive pace, with minimal effort and reduced risk. You'll also get clarity on how our all around end-to-end support model improves employee satisfaction and increases productivity.

  • Andreas Ravnkilde Nørgaard
    VP, Head of Testing and Application Services
  • Constantin Safoschnik
    Senior Manager, Testing & Application Services

Feeding your front to back investment management system with fit for purpose data from multiple sources takes considerable effort. Come to this stand to find out how SimCorp can solve that problem for security and reference data, market data, corporate actions, ESG and post trade transactions data from custodians, brokers and other 3rd parties.

  • James Osborne
    Value Advisory Consultant
  • Thomas Hansen
    Lead Product Owner

Visit our demo stand to learn about our cloud Data Warehouse powered by Snowflake as it works together with our integrated cloud self-service data visualisation BI layer.

Our cloud native solution provides a scallable, performant and cost effective platform.

  • Adam Houston
    Lead Product Owner

Stop by this demo stand to learn about how ESG information is used natively in our front office solutions, and how our ready-to-use solutions help you report as requested by EU regulation and global standards. Experience the look and feel of the live solution, the benefits of the new ESG engine, and learn about our roadmap.

  • Siham Chouaibi
    Value Advisory Principal

Visit our demo stand to learn how we can support your ever-changing demands for producing and enhancing your reporting of complex accounting figures or (shadow) NAV calculations.

  • Laetitia Metry
    Senior Value Advisory Principal

Optimize your processes and focus on what is core and differentiating for your business.

Discover SimCorp solutions for matching and confirmation, settlement, corporate actions management and reconciliation to streamline your investment operations activities.

  • Brice Roullet
    Value Advisory Principal
  • Julie Horton
    Senior Value Advisory Consultant

Investment Operations Service is an automated service providing a near real-time, complete view of validated operational data. Investment Accounting Services provide a complete Accounting Book of Record with access to reconciled, validated multi jurisdictional accounting and regulatory reporting data, dashboards and reports.

  • J.R. Bogan
    Director, Consulting Services, Head of Investment Operations
  • Reuben Harris
    Senior Accounting Manager (Investments EMEA), Consulting Services
  • Darren Savery
    Senior Industry Expert – Accounting and Operations

Order Manager ensures portfolio managers and traders can execute orders quickly and efficiently with all the relevant information at their fingertips.

With our unique partnerships with EMSs, we are challenging the space to provide best-of-breed OEMS workflows to ensure your front office generates and protects alpha even the most challenging trading environments.

  • Nick Nevens
    Value Advisory Principal

In a turbulent market environment, efficient workflows and seamless integration are essential for OTC derivatives and valuation. Get a presentation of our latest enhancements within Asset Swaps, LIBOR reform, TRSs and Xpress. Also hear about our roadmap for OTC web API services to handle OTC front to back.

  • Ulrik Strandgaard
    Lead Product Owner

Do you want to spend less time on operations and more time on investment analysis? Learn about next generation performance and attribution as part of Investment Analytics Service for performance.

  • Amar Koob
    Value Advisory Principal

Visit our demo stand to learn how our platform and innovative ecosystem can help portfolio managers understand and build better portfolios. You will see how to manage exposures and risks, how to easily rebalance portfolios or how optimize them for a given risk-return trade-off.

  • Miquel Grabulosa Lesniowski
    Senior Value Advisory Consultant
  • Jean Carot
    Senior Product Owner

Step into the future of portfolio management. Picture an application that not only consolidates all of your key analytics and generates fresh insights but also takes proactive steps to resolve market challenges.

Visit us to explore the new user experience and seamless interaction with generative AI and quant investing tools.

  • James Carter
    Product Manager
  • Tanguy de Grandpre
    Product Manager

Explore the latest progress made in cloud-based user interfaces for the post-trade area.
Visit the demo stand to learn the continued journey towards support for digital assets.

Curiosity visiting the demo stand will pay off, as you may also get a sneak peek of what's coming 2024 and beyond.

  • Niels Jacobsen
    Principal Product Manager

Regulatory Reporting is part of our SaaS standard offer.

At our stand we'll give you a teaser of current and upcoming solutions for your regulatory requirements. Our solutions are market proven, cost-efficient, and compliant with changing regulations.

Recent regulations covered: EMIR, MIFIR, SFTR, Solvency II, SFDR, UMR, LIBOR, CSD-R and many more.

  • Cornelia Lücke
    Product Owner
  • Justyna Wójcik
    Senior Business Consultant

Embark on an innovative eLearning journey, accessible right on your mobile device. Discover our tailored Training Need Analysis (TNA), a brand-new assessment introduced in 2024, designed to address concerns raised by managers worried about their teams' proficiency in operating SimCorp Dimension.

  • Monika Bęcka
    Head of Education Services
  • Milena Łuczak
    Commercial Specialist

SimCorp SaaS Platform helps you remove blockers for technology adoption while at the same delivering the innovation required to support ever changing business requirements.

Visit us to understand the current state of the platform and learn more about the future direction of SimCorp SaaS.

  • Jens Helstrup
    Global Presales Director, SaaS

Do you have a complex system landscape and processes? We can help you validate your operating model and optimize your technology landscape for your investment management process. Visit our stand to get a 5-minute assessement and a taste on how we can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Elie Constantine
    Value Management, Principal
  • Per Bjødstrup
    Head of Global Value Services

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